Saturday, July 30, 2005

Windmills in Ethiopia - Peasants must become freehold owners of their land

An email for Sudan Watch yesterday contained an opinion piece on Africa by Matthew Parris at Times Online 2 July 2005.

The piece, entitled "We must all sneer and scoff at the corrupt, cruel jackasses of Africa", contains interesting information about windmills and Ethiopia.

Note what Thabo Mbeki's brother, Moeletsi Mbeki, says about windmills - and this excerpt from the piece:

"Peasants must become freehold owners of their land, he said, and I agree. This nascent class of producers must be empowered to make their work worthwhile and their voices heard. But all across the continent, traditional tribal values, Western-style collectivist ideologies and the greed of political elites have joined in a murderous embrace to stop this."


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