Monday, October 17, 2005

Sudan: Chadian soldiers form new rebel group

This report, via Sudan Tribune, is posted here at Ethiopia Watch for ease of reference:

The last week Chadian deserter soldiers said they say they are determined to drive out President Idriss Deby from power, and they formed a new political movement, Radio France Internationale reported.

The dissident soldiers, who refuse to be referred to as deserters, have presented themselves as a structured movement that they have called SCUD, as a Platform for Change, National Unity and Democracy.

The deserters affirm that they are 370 in number.

Yahya Dilo a former officer of the Chadian army and former member of the Chadian ruling MPS party, is the leader of the dissident soldiers members of SCUD.

Full report Oct 16, 2005 (PARIS)

Note, the above report mentions Libya. Libyan leader met with Egyptian leader today in an unscheduled meeting that included discussions on Sudan's Darfur crisis.


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