Tuesday, January 03, 2006

In pictures: Ethiopia's remote people

'Dead men'

Ethiopia's remote people

Photo: The Russians were the first white people to visit the area since an anti-polio campaign 35 years ago.

“Many moons ago, pale-skinned people arrived with aircraft and brought medicine," says Ekedi, chief of the Kangini village.

"Our children rushed away from the village, fearing that they were dead men."

Milky Way

Ethiopia's remote people

Photo: During holidays, Surma children paint their faces and bodies with chalk.

“When our parents finish harvesting the maize, they make bonfires and sing and dance around them.

"During these nights we see many stars and the Milky Way, which looks like a plane.

"So we take chalk and put dots, looking like stars, on our bodies”, one boy said.

Text and photos by Sergei Vertelov and Leonid Kruglov.

See more pictures courtesy BBC.


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