Friday, September 22, 2006

Kidnapped Red Cross aid workers 'in contact'

From BBC via Garowe Online - Africa 22 Sep 2006:
A Red Cross spokeswoman said Donal had spoken with colleagues overnight and confirmed they were being treated well.

Red Cross general secretary Carmel Lynch said: "Donal has made contact by phone with the Red Cross in the area and he has reassured them they are both well and are being treated well. But he wasn't able to give any more information."

She told Today FM: "Of course we have concerns but as a person Donal is a very strong capable person, and he is very calm, so I am sure he would be well able to deal with any situation he may find himself in."

The Department of Foreign Affairs has sent an experienced kidnap negotiator to Ethiopia to assist the Red Cross.

"Foreign Minister Dermot Ahern has ordered a senior officer from London who is experienced in negotiating in kidnap situations to travel to Addis Ababa," a government spokesman said.
Note, Mr O'Suilleabhain is a water and sanitation engineer who has worked overseas for the International Red Cross for several years. He has spend periods in Darfur and Liberia and worked for the aid agency building new wells to provide clean water supplies for hundreds of thousands of people for last two years.

UPDATE 23 Sep 2006: BBC NEWS - Kidnapped aid worker is released


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