Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Economist says news media are feeling heat from blogosphere

Sokari Ekine of Global Voices tells us Ethiopian blog Concoction points to an opinion piece in the Economist that says news media are "already feeling the heat" from the blogosphere as blogs are changing the media.

Over the past 25 years I've taken The Sunday Times each week but since I started blogging three years ago and reading news online I barely read the Times when it arrives. I've not stopped the delivery because it provides a TV guide for the week which I find handy to use.

Since I am regularly online, newspapers, TV news and magazine no longer hold interest for me. Online news and blogs keep me up to date. By the time the newspaper is delivered, the news seems old. Same with TV news. I find online news and blogs are ahead by 24-48 hrs.

Reading online news and blogs seems quicker and more interesting - when something takes my interest, I google it and file it away in my head or email folder. I find myself getting impatient reading a newspaper, like it is wasting time.

It used to take me most of each Sunday to read the paper and a few hours each day watching TV news. Nowadays that time is spent online where the news is more up to date and blog doors are wide open and welcoming 24/7.

Online news seems alive. The beauty of blogging is in the connectivity, the linking and interaction. Keep on blogging!


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