Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sudanese born billionaire entrepreneur Dr Mo Ibrahim, named as Britain's most powerful black man, shows interest in investing in Ethiopia

From, Wednesday October 08 2008 - Mo Ibrahim shows interest to invest in Ethiopia:
Dr. Mohamed "Mo" Ibrahim, the Sudanese-born British mobile communications entrepreneur, and founder of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation is interested to invest in Ethiopia, according to a report by African Press Agency (APA).

According to APA, Mr. Ibrahim spoke with Addisu Legesse, Ethiopia's deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. Legesse in turn briefed Ibrahim about the investment opportunities in Ethiopia, mainly in the agricultural sector, which he said is full of human resources and services, APA wrote.

Ibrahim earned a Bachelor of Science from University of Alexandria and a master's degree from the University of Bradford, both in electrical engineering, and a PhD from the University of Birmingham in mobile communications, according to his profile on Wikipedia. Ibrahim was employed by Sudan Telecom for a time, and later worked as the technical director for Cellnet, a subsidiary of British Telecom. In 1989 he founded MSI, a consultancy and software company, which was bought by Marconi in 2000. MSI had 800 employees, who owned approximately 30% of the stock at the point of its sale; Ibrahim says he gave employees stock as a form of bonus.

In 1998, MSI spun off MSI-Cellular Investments, later renamed Celtel, as a mobile phone operator in Africa.

According to the Forbes 2008 Rich List, Mo Ibrahim is worth $5 billion.
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Note, appears to be an Ethiopian Website and its Merkato Blog, a marketplace of ideas on, welcomes participants.



Anonymous Dr. Ethiopia said...

It is investors like this that Ethiopia needs more and more of. The opportunities in Ethiopia are countless. I am sure with each day that goes by, more and more outside investors will see this reality. Welcome to Ethiopia Sir.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008  

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